Avocado Green

Avocado Green
My personal Blog was once officially titled “Avocado Green.” Strictly speaking, that is still the title, yet I’ve removed most of the references to it. Only the title tag in the HTML still contains Avocado Green. Below is a small bit about all that:

The color Avocado Green first appeared in homeware designs during the 1960’s along with colors like Harvest Gold. Avocado green is embodies the design of two decades best forgotten. As a designer, I kowtow to clients desires on a regular basis. The best clients allow me to do my job, while others mettle. Then there is the uber clients that know exactly what they want, but don’t. Avocado Green refrigerators, if you’ve never seen them, are aweful looking things that even Martha Stewart would have a hard time sprucing up.

One late night at the office, I concluded the colors Avocado Green and Harvest Gold could not have been created by a professional designer. Instead, the colors must have been the result of an overly intrusive client sharing his expertise. When I first started blogging in 2003, it seemed like a passing fad, a quick way to write some incomplete thoughts for my website. It was not a serious attempt at contributing to the web. The Ian MacBlog seemed to posses just enough kitch: it incorporated my name and played on the term Blog.

It has since been time to move beyond our juvenile fascination with ourselves and write a blog worth reading. MacBlog has since been confined to the dark regions of my harddrive as Avocado Green has blossomed. Merchandising coming soon.

Old Logos

Before ‘Avocado Green’

The earliest form of my blog was called MacBlog. The Earliest about page included the following:

Why isn’t MacBlog about Apple Computers?
Well my family name, MacAllen, has been around long before Steve Jobs invented his first Apple desktop. So why should Ian’s MacBlog have anything to do with computers?

Why do you spend the time operating MacBlog and the Official Ian MacAllen Fan Club Site?
A fan site and a Blog serve to different purposes. I think the successful Blogs are connected to temporary events such as news articles or happenings in the present. A fan site is much more eternal, and the content of each should reflect that difference. Also, Blogs tend to be smaller thoughts than a fan site. Ian’s MacBlog is meant to be updated frequently, while the content of the fan site will remain much more constant.

I thought you didn’t use fancy software like Blogger to run your blog, what happened?
I got lazy.

Why can’t I leave feedback on what you have to say?
You can. Just not in MacBlog. I encourage you to set up your own Blog where you can rant all you want about how MacBlog doesn’t let you leave feedback. If you really want to comment on my Blog, or for that matter any part of the fan club site, feel free to email me at ianmac47@hotmail.com

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